Taking a Stand

It Stands! Erm, or she rather.

According to the What to Expect website (is every other mother obsessed with that website?), babies should begin pulling themselves up to stand from 9 to 12 months. Hell is not even 8 months, yet.  I am not sure if their is further evidence that she will soon sprout horns, but at least it means either she is so awe inspiring that not even my parenting can stop her, or I am an effective parent.

I will take the effective parent one.

My dear mother is now confident that she will at least follow in the family’s demonic footsteps. Not that I am talking to her, she has just filled up my voicemail with messages, some pretending to be nice and some more curse filled than I thought she was capable of. Each saying, in one way or another, Hell is some sort of demon, and it runs in the family.

Who knows. She has not tried to eat any of the animals since she started on solid food, well she tries to put tails and legs in her mouth, but everything goes in her mouth anyway. Those do not count.

There is still hope that she will be a normal, maybe advanced for her age, human.

Hope is alive.




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