Baby Literature

Going from steamy romance to board books and rhyming couplets not written to be pleasing to hear has been difficult for me.

I like my literature either dirty, magical, or sarcastic. If it is a good book, A combination of all three.

Except for anything involving werewolves, keep it clean, Don’t even hint to kink. I will never allow another author to put me through creepy werewolf sex again.

Anyway, back to the point. I did have one, right? Yes.

Having Hell has catipulted me head first into the odd thing that is children’s literature. Hell is too young to do much other than listen to silly sounds and touch new textures, so I am the one that has to be entertained by the book.

It took me a while before I would admit that many of the baby books I bought were actually for me. Of course, we read them together. I ponder on the story and why someone thinks kids should hear it, and Hell giggles at my theater worthy performance.

I am sure when she is older she will have a preference, but for now, I buy a lot of texture books for her, and the story based ones for me. We share them and giggles together, although she does not always know what we are giggling at. Silly child.

This newfound interest has spawned a desire to do children focused literature book reviews.

Won’t that be fun?

children lit



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