Feeling Grown Today?

Some people can pinpoint  the exact moment they knew they were finally grown up. Graduating college, having babies, getting life insurance, etc can all be Ah-Ha moments in life that force us to realize the we are already the adults that we tried to put off being.

My Ah-Ha moment was not a life changing moment. It was not the start of a new chapter in my life. It was simply buying a tooth brush.

I know right?

A major epiphany over a toothbrush is odd, yes I admit it; however, It is fun to go to the toothbrush aisle at the grocery store, look at all the different colors, shapes, and weird gimmicks, and pick a random brush. They all accomplished the same thing, so why not try them all?

Except the manual SpinBrush. Who the F*** thought that was a great idea? The point of the SpinBrush is a not-as-disposable, yet not-as-expensive electric toothbrush. I does nothing to have the brush head able to spin when there is nothing to spin it. Unless, I have been brushing my teeth incorrectly all these years. At least, it always seem to be on clearance.


Recently, my husband’s dentist recommended he purchase a Philips Sonicare. I had seen them on commercials, and in magazines. Never had I ever thought, “That would be cool to have! I need to get me one of those!”

(Sorry, advertising people. Your tooth brush might be fancy, but your marketing is always boring. It needs more pizzazz. Call me.)

My husband decided it would be cheapest if we went ahead and “invested” (really, how can a toothbrush be considered an investment?) in the two pack of Sonicare brushes. He got them from Costco (along with everything else we own) and seemed excited. I was excited too at first, until it hit me, or vibrated my sinuses until I sneezed.

I was stuck with this plain, yet fancy and productive, toothbrush forever. Never would I be able to buy the latest gimmick in the toothbrush section. There were no color choices, no options for weird music, and in the end, no fun. I went from toothbrush freedom to grown-up productivity and boredom.

This is when I knew I was grown up. Who gets used to the super clean and shiny teeth, yet goes back to the subpar disposable ones? I am now a grown-up toothbrush person.

There are other ways to plan to cling to immaturity. I still refuse to use papertowels without prints: I will still buy my goofy t-shirts: People will still ponder at the book store if I am buying picture books for Hell or myself; however, a small big of life has been aged and forced into the grown-up world of productive instead of pretty.

Am I weird for caring about this?


Society says that we all have our little quirks. Although, I don’t think society really knows me enough to make that judgement. I guess all we have left is to pretend that we are all individuals and special.

Gosh, we are all the same aren’t we?





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