Clapping Myself off Stage

Hiya, Sup, or Hello

I recently went to a BBQ with Hell. I met a cute 15 month old that clapped at everything. So of course, I wanted to know all I could about children and clapping. When do they start doing it? How do you get them learn it? The internet was filled with conflicting information.

Surprise. Surprise.

From my research, I determined that babies start as early at 5 or 6 months. Because I thought it was cute as hell, I figured I would teach Hell to clap. How hard can it be to teach someone how to clap?

I had a plan.

I was to play music and clap during ever other song, along with the beat, of course. I also decided to clap whenever she did anything else cute, other than existing, that would be a little much.

The plan started off ok. Hell giggled a lot during the beginning. She seemed to enjoy the clapping, point for me; however, after a few hours of this, it got tiresome. There is also a chance I sprained something in the left hand. I was very over zealous at first; I started off clapping like my best friend has just won an Oscar.

Three days later, Hell seems to ignore the clapping, and my hands are killing me. I have to hide the blisters from my husband, and She has never one attempted to bring her hands together. I even tried taking her hands and gently clapping to songs. I have never seen a more bewildered and annoyed look.

Yep, my 6 month old made me feel foolish.

After three days, I gave up. I figure Hell will start when she is ready, or when it is most inconvenient. She will sweetly decide to start clapping during her first wedding or funeral.

Of course, I will pretend like I don’t hear the adorable, albeit rude, interruption. The pretending part I can do.






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