Hello, or Hi, or Sup?

My name is Mary. Recently, my therapist told me to start journaling to help sort out my feelings, and to get my anxieties visible and possibly under control. I hate the actual act of writing, so a friend recommended I blog instead. Here I am, pretending to be entertaining.

I am a new Mom. My daughter, Hellen, is 6 months old. Hell is our first child, yes to my husband’s dismay, most of us just call her Hell. I am told that she is not a particularly difficult child. It seems everyone believe their babies were the worst, is there a merit badge for this? Being a mother seems like belonging to a cult that is focused on how shitty life is. Everyone just wants to talk about how bad they had, or have, it.

Screw that.

Life sucks enough without highlighting the shitty parts. Then why am I blogging if I don’t want to tell the world how special I am by sharing how shitty my life is? Because I have no idea what I am doing. Seriously. I read all the books before Hell was born, and they did not even prepare me to wipe her ass correctly. Luckily for her, I figured it out.

So, this blog is devoted to the ponderings of a new mom, and to attempt to find answers to the millions of questions motherhood has pressed on my shoulders. My questions may not even apply to you, and if they do, my answers may not work for you, but at least those of us that are sick of pretending to be the perfect moms will have a space to think honestly about our lives, good and bad.

So read it, or not. I will just be here pretending to be one of those poised mommy bloggers, while I try to shake the feeling that I am only pretending to be a good mom. Of course, according to the internet, everyone is doing it wrong, so we are all just pretending.




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