To Mommy Group or Not?

Hola, Greetings, or Hi,

Putting your career on hold for a few years to raise your child can feel like the world has passed you by. You loose touch with not only what day of the week it is, but friends seem to fade as they figure out that you are no longer that bad ass drinker you used to be.

One recommendation that keeps popping up from friends and family is to join a mommy group. There are a few in my area, and my family keeps nagging me to join one. “You will meet people who have things in common with you.”, “You can get tips that could make your life easier.”, and “It will give you a reason to get out of the house.” Yep, all true.

So what is the problem?

Well, I don’t want to have to explain and defend every choice I ever made since I got pregnant.


“Oh, we are both moms? Let’s talk about how we both had sex, got pregnant, and spent hours in pain, and swimming in body fluids, to push something out our vaginas, or have it forcefully removed through our stomach. Then we can chat about our breasts chaffing from feeding a never ending pit, or pumping them until they feel like deflated balloons, or defend our decision not to undergo the breast torture.”


It is bad enough when most people find out Hell is only 6 months people force me to relive labor. Why would I go somewhere knowing I would have to do it over and over again, then be judged by the experience.

Ok. Maybe I am being a little judgmental and over reacting. Reading any parenting article on the internet can do that to a person. Even the most rational sounding article has trolls telling everyone how horrid they are as parents because they don’t do X or Y. That is why I will raise Hell right. rule #1 of life: never read the comments.

Anyone been to a mommy group? Tell me how your experience was, good or bad. If anyone wants to start a mommy group that does not even mention the mommy part (just a nod to acknowledge that you are trying to survive it too). Let me know!

Until then, I can just keep pretending that I know something.





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